A New Kind of Locksmith

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Welcome to the inauguration of Stand Up Brother. This blog's mission is to educate & empower folks in very practical and immediate ways. Specifically, we will focus on "How To" articles in the following three broad categories: HEALTH, WEALTH, and WISDOM. My own areas of expertise are computer technology and Internet marketing, so I will be sharing tools and resources for those interested in starting a web-based business. If you want to learn how to make money online, either full- or part-time, you've come to the right place.

Let's be honest – these are really rough times for almost everyone. Money is tight; and if you're currently unemployed or just underemployed, the job market can seem even tighter. Watching the news doesn't help much – we KNOW about the problems we face, but what about some solutions? Many of us are proud of our new President, and hopeful that this massive Stimulus bill will make things better. But even the legal and financial wizards in Washington agree that the US Government's efforts to improve the economy will take at least six months to be noticed by the average American; it will probably take 18 to 24 months before we see really significant, widespread positive change.

Meanwhile, many of us feel stuck and stressed-out, tryin' to make a dollar outta fifteen cents. Hard work is not enough... a hamster might burn lots of calories on the exercise wheel, it might be running fast, but it's still going nowhere. If you can relate to that, then the next logical question is "How to get off that damn wheel?!?" If you feel like you're trapped inside a glass box looking out, you need to find the exit. Maybe you SEE the exit, you KNOW you have to think "outside the box", but you need a key to open the door. What do you do when you're locked out (or in) without a key? You call a locksmith.

That's exactly what Stand Up Brother aspires to be: a new kind of locksmith. As founder and Brother-in-Chief of this blog, I invite you to think of me as your virtual handyman, a standup cyberguy with an excellent set of tools, willing to share and willing to learn from others as well. If you're already doing your e-commerce thing – fantastic! Let's exchange ideas, pool our resources, and take our hustle to the next level.

I promise to always keep it real. It's easy to fantasize about working from home, getting rich in your underwear. But most people fail to realize their dreams either because they procrastinate, or because they can't discriminate between legitimate, effective opportunities and the multitude of misinformation that spams their email.

Stand Up Brother can help, but only if you're sincerely determined to succeed. Vibes are contagious; I find that if I surround myself with positive, results-oriented people, then I become even more enthusiastic, and achieve even better results.

That means, to all my upwardly-mobile brothers and sisters out there, let me hear from you. Your comments, questions, concerns, and respectful criticisms will help make this blog truly righteous. There is no time like the present – now let's get busy.

To All My Relations,